Game Boy Advance Tantalum Capacitor Kit

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This Solid State Tantalum Capacitor kit can help clean unwanted noise from your Game Boy Advance console’s speaker.

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If your Game Boy Advance capacitors are nearing the end of their life span, you’re using power intensive mods like IPS screens or using audio amplification mods – you may notice some humming/hissing coming from the console’s internal speaker. This high quality, Solid State Tantalum Capacitor kit can help clean this unwanted noise.

Audio amp mods such as the Game Boy Advance Flex Amp by Helder’s Game Tech it can make speaker noise more obvious, so it is strongly advised that you replace the console’s old capacitors if required.

If you’re using¬† power intensive mods like IPS screens, this capacitor kit in addition to the GBA Power Cleaner Flex PCB by Helder’s Game Tech may offer further improvement.

Installation requires soldering small pads and may not be a suitable mod for people with little soldering experience. This amp is suitable for original Game Boy Advance consoles only, and is NOT compatible with the GBA SP.

This kit includes:
1 x 330uF 6.3V
1 x 220uF 6.3V
2 x 470uF 10V

Retro Game Store Australia is not responsible for any damage caused to your console as a result of attempting this repair.