Game Boy Advance MegaBat1300 USB-C Rechargeable Battery Mod


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USB-C Rechargeable Battery Mod for Nintendo Game Boy Advance consoles.

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Upgrade your GBA from its low powered AA battery compartment to USB C rechargeable battery pack.

If you’re using a Funny Playing Game Boy Advance Shell or a RetroSix Game Boy Advance Shell , no modification to the shell is required. If you’re using an original shell you will need to trim a section of the battery compartment so the rechargeable battery can lay flat. (See photographs)

USB-C Cable not included.

Retro Game Store Australia is not responsible for any damage caused to your console as a result of attempting this modification.

Sorry, we can not ship this item to New Zealand.

Battery Features:
– 1300Mah Capacity
– USB-C Charge Port that works with all USB-C chargers capable of 5V output
– Charge rate is at approximately 700Mah leading to about 2 hours to fully charge battery using 1A charger
– Side Facing Charge Status LED , points towards the bottom of the console
– 2 Large filter capacitors on the output to feed Cleaner Power into the GBA than standard Lipo Battery Mods
– Has proper voltage output so when the battery is Low the GBA Low Battery Light will turn on giving you approximately 5 minutes before turning off
– JST type connector for easy battery replacement
– USB-C socket placed where it does not obstruct the Battery Cover, you do not need to cut the Hole for USB-C but it’s recommended

Helder has created a handy 3D printable jig to assist when cutting the hole in the battery cover for the USB-C port.
Download the STL file here.

Frequently asked questions:
Q.) Does the USB-C port align with the holes in Retro Six’s USB-C  mod ready battery covers?
A.) It does not align perfectly – but is functional.