About Retro Game Store Australia

About us.

Inspired by the video games that built our childhood, Retro Game Store Australia is a small family-owned and operated business located in the heart of Gippsland in Victoria, Australia.  Since 2017, Retro Game Store Australia has been helping customers throughout the world relive the magic, fun, and adventure of their youth by connecting them with the retro gaming systems, games, and accessories they grew up with.  From repairing and refurbishing their existing game consoles to offering the hard-to-find replacement controllers, screens, speakers, batteries, and tools, Retro Game Store Australia proudly provides retro gaming enthusiasts with the parts and pieces they need to keep the adventure going and the dream alive.

Beyond our commitment to providing world-class service and high-quality products to retro gamers across the globe, Retro Game Store Australia is also dedicated to giving back to the gaming community by sponsoring the Pixel Pie Podcast and The Modded Gameboy Club, an organization that offers free guides and resources for individuals eager to revitalize and refurbish their old Game Boy consoles.

Adventure awaits.  Relive every incredible moment with Retro Game Store Australia.